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Children's Dental Team in Olathe, KS

The entire Kansas Kids Dental team is passionate about ensuring your child has a great trip to the dentist. Everyone from the doctors to the administrative team works hard to make sure you and your child leave with a great big smile.

Jennifer Vyas, DDS Photo

Jennifer Vyas, DDS

Aaron Kamp, DDS Photo

Aaron Kamp, DDS

Cayce Wallace, DMD Photo

Cayce Wallace, DMD

Madison Cleveland, RDH Photo

Madison Cleveland, RDH

Artemis Nowrouze, DA Photo

Artemis Nowrouze, DA

Ida Brooks, DA Photo

Ida Brooks, DA

Mekenzi Dominguez, DA Photo

Mekenzi Dominguez, DA

Sarah Slater, FOR Photo

Sarah Slater, FOR

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